What We do

ATLAS FASTENERS is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited, Specialist NUTS & BOLTS manufacturer - Fasteners of Diverse Variety. Leveraging it's vast expertise in Precision Chiseled or machined products, Atlas manufacturers Large format HIGH TENSILE FASTENERS or any other precision machined or Forged products using Steel and a Matrix of Special Alloys on Demand.

Turbine Casing Bolts

Large Fasteners

High Temp. Bolts & Nuts, 12 Point

HEX bolts & Nuts, Liner Bolts

Taper, Square, & CSK Heads


ATLAS is a leading manufacturer of HIGH TENSILE FASTENERS. An ISO 9001:2008 certified facility & is registered with SSI & NSIC since 1981.ATLAS has all facilities under one roof catering to the growing requirements of Government, Public & Private sectors. ATLAS has successfully manufactured and supplied all types of HIGH TENSILE FASTENERS in Metric and Inches series to a Diverse Clientele over the past 3+ Decades.

Sound Infrastructure

The all CNC Neo machine shop ENSURES exacting production, benchmarks are met on time

Advanced QA Lab

A well laid out lab equipped with all modern facilities like Ultra Sound, magnetic particle, drives the Zero Tolerance Quality process at Atlas.